Adams Ranch

The history of early cattle ranching in Florida dates back to the arrival of Ponce de Leon who brought cattle with him on his voyage of discovery in 1521. Later after the civil war, more settlers came to Florida.

Adams Ranch had its start when Alto Adams, Sr. bought a tract of unfenced grassland in St. Lucie County, The first herd was brought to the ranch with a cattle-drive through what is now central Florida and Walt Disney World.

Ten years later, Alto “Bud” Adams Jr. became a partner in the cattle operation as Alto Adams & Son. At that time there were an estimated 1600 cows, valued at $40/head. A pasture restoration program was begun and Hereford bulls were crossed on Brahman cows. The principal product was grass-fattened steers.

In 1961, the ranch was incorporated as Adams Ranch, Inc. The ownership was Alto (Bud) Adams, Jr., Bud's sister Elaine Harrison, and their respective children. The initial 15,000 acres was expanded to 50,000 acres with the purchase of land in Osceola and Okeechobee Counties.

The current 14,000 head cow herd produces feeder steers, replacement heifers, and breeding bulls. The Braford breed was developed from the Adams Ranch Hereford X Brahman crosses. Feeder calves became the main product and were shipped by train and truck to the corn-belt. In 1969, the Adams Ranch Braford® herd became the number one foundation herd both for the International Bradford Association and its successor the United Braford Breeders.

As developers of the Braford breed of cattle, Adams Ranch is today one of the top producing cow-calf ranches in the United States. Adams Ranch is committed to preserving natural vegetation, wildlife, and its Florida heritage through environmental stewardship and a program of total ranch management.

Adams Ranch began conserving the ranch in the early 2000's to ensure that the land will perpetually stay in agriculture. We will continue to raise our cattle in ways that benefit the land and the wildlife for the future generations. Adams Ranch has placed nearly 17,000 acres into conservation easements.

To date, we have now had four generations of the Adams family with hands-on management of the ranch.

Alto John Adams, Zachary Adams, LeeAnn Adams Simmons, Stewart Adams, Adams Adams Purnell, and Caleb Adams are part of the 4th generation that work either on the ranch or with Adams Ranch Natural Beef.

Our Beef Products
  • Our Founders

    Alto Adams, Sr.
    Alto “Bud” Adams, Jr.

  • Current Leadership

    Michael Adams – “Mike”
    Robert Adams – “Robbie”

  • The Next Generation

    Zachary Adams
    LeeAnn Adams Simmons
    Alto John Adams
    Stewart Adams

    Amanda Adams Purnell

    Caleb Adams