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Do you use hormones or antibiotics in your cattle?

We never use hormones or antibiotics in our cattle. The safety and wholesomeness of our beef is a top priority at Adams Ranch Natural
Beef. We believe in focusing on the health and well being of our cattle at all times. Antibiotics are only used when needed to help an animal recover from an illness and all treated cattle will never be part of the Adams Ranch Natural Beef program. Our goal is to ensure our cattle are healthy and our beef is safe for your family and ours.

Can you explain what pasture-raised/grain-finished means?

Our cattle spend the duration of their lives on grass pastures at Adams Ranch before moving to a feedlot in North Florida during the final 3-4 months. While at the feedlot, the cattle remaining on grass pastures and are also fed a specially-formulated grain-based ration, including corn, hay, and other grains. The grain intensifies the marbling and mouth-watering flavor of every cut of beef.

Is Adams Ranch Natural Beef considered Fresh From Florida?

Yes! Our cattle are born, raised, fed, and harvested in the state of Florida.

Does Adams Ranch Natural Beef receive a USDA grade (Prime, Choice,Select)?

Yes! All Adams Ranch cattle are graded by a USDA grader. Unless specifically marked as Prime, Adams Ranch cattle average 80% Choice grade or better.

Do you age your beef?

Yes, we currently allow a 21-day dry age on all of our beef. This aging helps to tenderize the meat and enhances its flavor. Many steakhouses use a similar method to age their beef.

Is Adams Ranch Natural Beef fresh or frozen?

Unless marked as frozen, all beef is sold fresh.

Do you offer beef shares?

Yes! We offer quarter, half, and whole beef options in store. Beef shares will not be shipped, but can be picked up at the ranch or delivered locally.

Where you do you deliver?

▪ Indian River County - Every week on Thursday
▪ St. Lucie and Martin Counties - Every week on Wednesday

(Delivery charges are $20. Spend $200 or more for free delivery.)

Where do you ship?

We ship everywhere in the USA except Alaska and Hawaii.

When do packages ship?

To ensure freshness, all packages are shipped on Monday or Tuesday so we know you will receive the shipment by Thursday or Friday.

Where else can I purchase Adams Ranch Natural Beef?

▪ Fort Pierce Famer's Market - Saturdays 8am-12pm, 101 Melody Lane, Fort Pierce, FL 34950
▪ Nelson Family Farms - 772-464-2100
▪ Old Florida Coffee Co. - 772-618-1771
▪ Al's Family Farms - 772-460-0556
▪ Whole Foods Market - Throughout Florida

If there is a question we have not answered, please reach out and let us know how we can help!