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Plate Short Ribs - Boneless

Plate Short Ribs - Boneless

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Plate short ribs, also known as beef plate ribs, are a flavorful and hearty cut of beef that comes from the plate primal cut of the cow. This area is located just below the rib primal and includes the belly. Plate short ribs are characterized by their rich marbling and robust flavor.

Plate short ribs are known for their intense beefy flavor and succulent, tender texture when cooked low and slow. They contain a good amount of connective tissue and collagen, which break down during cooking, resulting in meltingly tender meat.

Plate short ribs are best cooked using slow, moist heat methods such as braising or slow-roasting. Braising involves searing the ribs on high heat to develop a flavorful crust, then cooking them in a liquid (such as broth, wine, or sauce) at a low temperature for an extended period until they are tender and fall-off-the-bone delicious.

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